Golden Tiger Sculpture

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Golden Tiger Sculpture

The Tiger Is a God to a great many ancient cultures. This powerful creature is related to elegance, strength, the sun, and kingly power. Year Of The Tiger’s Golden Tiger Sculpture is our tribute to this powerful creature.

Hand sculpted from premium-quality resin with a golden paint finish, our creation is adorned and hand detailed with care. The intricacies add to the charming aura of this piece, making it an iconic statement in any home.

Designed in the shape of a Tiger, this elegant ornament enriches your living experience and infuses a regal touch. As you glance upon this grand artifact, you are inevitably reminded of the majestic significance this tiger holds. This is a true piece of art that contributes to the aesthetic appeal of your place. With this piece of sheer magnificence placed in your home, we are sure you will be showered with adoration by your guests for your elevated taste.

Product Details

  • 0.8KG
  • Dimensions 30x10x11cm
  • Material Handmoulded Resin
  • Gold paint finish

The Year of The Tiger Project

YearOfTheTiger is a creative endeavour developed by 4 Tiger Artists. The purpose of our project is to highlight and acknowledge Tigers everywhere. Those born in the Year of the Tiger share a special, oft unspoken bond. 

Ancient lore and wisdom dictates that the tiger holds a potent symbolism which contains both spiritual and practical lessons in how to live our lives more fully as Tigers roaming modern concrete jungles. 

Feng Shui dictates that the Tiger should be displayed in ones home as one of the essential four guardians. The Year of the Tiger project seeks to create beautiful evocations and expositions of the Tiger.

Piece Designed by Pierre Aubusson

Pierre Aubusson is a Gold Tiger by virtue of being born in 1950. Pierre hails from the charming French city of Pau. Aubusson seeks to illuminate the beauty in nature through his art. Pierre’s first forays into the art world related to abstract painting but his work soon widened to encompass textile design and sculpture. Pierre hopes to see a world that is learning to hug again as we exit the Coronavirus pandemic. Gold Tigers, those born in 1950, like Pierre will be wary of the colour brown but can expect a year that brings financial good fortune. Steve’s Wonder & Wozniak as well as Bill Murray are Gold Tigers.