Psychedelic Tiger Tapestry

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Psychedelic Tiger Tapestry

People born in years of the Tiger are fiercely independent and possess strong self-esteem. They like to act alone and are not very gregarious. They are most likely optimistic and enthusiastic by nature, and always seem to have endless energy, especially at work. Their energetic presence and intense eyes are the greatest charm of Tiger natives. Their vitality is apparent to anyone at a glance, and people are instinctively drawn to this larger than life quality in them.

Tigers are lively and cheerful, and they love freedom and independence. They are a zodiac sign that absolutely must have their personal space. Tigers usually have a keen sense of justice. When faced with injustices, whether against themselves or others, you can be sure Tigers will not stand aside. However, Tigers may also appear unrefined or thoughtless in the way they handle things. In a less developed person, these traits can easily turn into ignorance or foolhardiness.

Product Details

Available in 2 sizes: 1.5m X 1.3m & 2m X 1.5m

Washing Instructions: Handwash

Designer: Thierry Aubusson

A Record Mandor Brand

YearOfTheTiger is part of the Record Mandor Group. Record Mandor is a family of brands and businesses, making it possible for customers around the world to express themselves through fashion and design. YearOfTheTiger products are designed by a team of artists, designers and sculptors, all of whom were born in a year of the Tiger!