Tiger Sterling Silver Ring

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925 Sterling Silver Tiger Ring

We are delighted to present our bold sterling silver ring featuring a tiger’s head. In Chinese culture, the tiger signifies pride, willpower, and physical strength. This ancient symbolism is reflected in the handcrafted men’s ring Tiger Silver, on which a three-dimensional head sparkles with mysterious eyes made from black zirconia stones. Carved into the ring’s Sterling-silver material, an elaborate pattern imitates the beauty of natural tiger skin. Combining mystic symbolism with modern style, this piece of jewellery is both a fashionable accessory and a personal lucky charm.

Product Care

  • Preserve it in our elegant box when not in use.
  • Keep it clean.

Product Info

Material #925 Sterling Silver 
Weight 32.3 grams
Certification CE-M210415001604

 A Record Mandor Brand

YearOfTheTiger is part of the Record Mandor Group. Record Mandor is a family of brands and businesses, making it possible for customers around the world to express themselves through fashion and design. YearOfTheTiger products are designed by a team of artists, designers and sculptors, all of whom were born in a year of the Tiger!